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About Company

Financial company “Umbrella” started its activity in 2019. In June 2019 Company received licenses for factoring transactions, financial leasing, bail and guarantees, financial loans. The main area of ​​activity of the Financial Company “Umbrella” is the acquisition of problematic debts of individuals and legal entities and the subsequent effective management of overdue debts. Financial Company “Umbrella” is a company that is constantly evolving and improving.
Financial Company “Umbrella” provides services in all regions of Ukraine with the involvement of highly skilled and experienced professionals who deal in both customer counseling, legal support, and direct debt collection.

Our Mission:

Improvement of the financial market of Ukraine by acquiring troubled loan portfolios of insolvent banks and settling debts with debtors.

Our values:

  • A fair approach to all customers;
  • Confidentiality of information;
  • Professionalism and development;
  • Tolerance and honesty;
  • Compliance with ethical standards of communication;
  • Creativity;
  • Compliance with the lawfulness of activities;
  • Consistency in relationships with partners;
  • Corporate culture;
  • Focus on the result.


Pre-trial recovery of debts

This step is aimed at the recovery of arrears from a debtor in a voluntary way without reference to a court and / or executive service. It includes Soft-collection and Hard-collection. Soft-collection involves distance communication with the debtor and includes:

  • Call-center calls;
  • The distribution of SMS and voice messages;
  • Mailing list;
  • Meeting with debtors;
  • Matching terms of repayment of debt.

Hard-collection involves direct contact with the debtor, usually at the place of residence and / or work, and includes:

  • Conducting personal meetings with the debtor at the place of his residence and / or work;
  • Checking the state of keeping the item of mortgage (mortgage);
  • Sale of mortgaged property.


This stage involves the collection of arrears by appealing to the court for the purpose of coercive collection of money or foreclosure on mortgage (mortgage) property. Financial Company “Umbrella” takes about the process of collection of debts from the its beginning (preparation of the required package of documents) until the moment of its forced execution (application to the executive service and direct collection). At the same time, judicial enforcement does not exclude the execution by the debtor of his obligations at any stage of judicial settlement in voluntary way.

For Investors

Ambrella Financial Company attracts investor funds to purchase mortgage-backed problem loan portfolios, and provides the investor with an earning a profit and a return on investment by settling the proceeds of the loan with the debtors. More information is available at the link